Friday, October 29, 2010

Collage Pop Art Animals

I really wish I could rotate pictures after I have uploaded them.  Sorry.

1. Find an animal pic- print as a 5x7 grayscale.
2. Use grid enlargement to double the size to 10x14
3. Paint the background with a BRIGHT color.
4. Divide animal into sections, leave lower half of animal ( or another part) undone- outline with sharpie.
5. Use paint to create value in a few sections with one color per section (monochromatic).
6. Add texture to a few sections with sharpie.
7. Tear different textures and colors out of magazines and glue down. I also had silver paper they used.

This project took about 3-4 45minute classes.

Some turned out not so hot. It is important to emphasize how they divide the sections to follow the shape of the animal, and to use small torn strips of paper rather than chunks.


  1. Those are cool! What grade did you do them with?

  2. What a cool idea. I want to make one for myself!

  3. it was with art I- 8th and 9th graders

  4. Hi, A. Jackson
    Some wonderful artwork here!
    You must be very good at inspiring and getting you students to tap into their inner creative beings. I'm always amazed and enjoy so much the artwork of young creators.