Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silk Screen- Current Project

While I am on a blogging benge, I might as well post my current art II project: Silk-Screen! I inherited brand new silk-screens and was nercous about using them/putting them together, but I pulled the trigger this past week and had an ag student (agriculture/woodshop savvy) help assemble the screens. They then edited a photo to be high contrast at, printed it out, and traced it onto contact paper in sharpie. They had to make sure all of the white sections touched. Then, exacto knife them out. The contact paper is then put inside the screen with the stick part attaching to the screen I made contact paper be oversized so that there would be no leakage. Then they flipped the screen over and used a paintbrush and with school glue, painted all of the areas under the contact paper so there would be no leaks. Do not skip this step!! It saved me:-) Then with block printing speedball ink  the students pulled the color with the squeege over the contact paperand WAHLA- a beautiful print. They could do as many as they wanted (about 4). Would definatley work on a tshirt. I have some still working/doing a second one after they saw how it worked. I was amazed at how cool/easy it was. I don't know why I waited so long!

I did the yorkie (its my Sadie Bug). I was experimenting with a double color. Then, I did black prints for my house. I can't wait to frame them:-)


  1. Looks like you had fun. I have always wanted to try silk screen...hopefully will try it someday. I Would love to see your prints after it gets framed.

  2. Is this the repositionable contact paper or the wherever you stick it is where it stays stuck kind?
    I haven't used contact paper in screening but I have used screen filler which the kids brush on, let dry and then pull their prints. I have also been meaning to just try the plain old gel school glue as screen filler.
    These turned out terrific by the way.

  3. I just used contact paper I bought from Wal-Mart...and I repositioned it. I just had the students reinforce with school glue...which worked great!

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