Sunday, March 6, 2011

american gothic parody 2nd semester

south park
elvis and singing minnie 
(yes, the student knew they donald is daisy actual significant other, but she wanted daffy.)
bert and ernie
sponge bob and gary
bugs and daffy

family guy
I have no clue...
I love this project for many reasons, the main one being the students also love it! My one reccommendation is if one student does a couple don't let anyone else do that couple. Otherwise you would have a bunch of sponge bob and patrick american gothics. But, if they come up with a different "couple," then the can repeat one of the cartoons (aka a student can do sponge bob an patrick, and another can do spongebob and gary). I find that by making the students think of different couples helps them be a little more creative with their "couples." I have a few more pics I'll post soon! Here is the first time I did this project.
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  1. I love whipping out this project! I do this with American Gothic and the Mona Lisa. I love to see all the ideas my students come up with... from Star Wars, Mickey & Minnie, to even Snooki! Did you use paint? The colors are so bold! I use colored pencils because the craftsmanship of my students and painting small details is not the best. Yours look great!

  2. This is a dream project for an older elementary student! But they are very beautifully executed as well - I'm impressed! I will have to save this one in my favorites folder. My students will love me for it. :)

  3. I love these.
    May I ask how big the paper is you did this on?

    Blue-bird at

  4. Thanks! I have them use acrylic paint, and the paper size is 18x9inch.

  5. I just discovered your blog.
    What a great interpretation of a famous painting