Friday, March 26, 2010

2nd Grade: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I actually stole this idea from the art teacher at my mom's school when I was studying to be an art teacher (amazingly talented art teacher), which I believe she got it from The Incredible Art Department. We painted all sorts of different colored paper and then cut those up to make these beautiful collages based off of Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar. The kids loved every step of this, my only struggle was getting them to cut the details out rather than draw them with pencils, so I started to precut some things to give them ideas, and that helped.
*Last year I did this with my third graders, and they did an awesome job in about 3-45 minute sessions.

4th grade: Vincent VanGogh's Cat Wanders into the Starry Night

My FAVORITE project ever. Students paint the sky using different shades and tones of blues (premixed) and add ripped up speckles of silver paper to emphasize the swirls or stars. Students then draw the cyprus tree on construction paper using crayons, and cut it out. They then glue cardboard to the back and then the students decide where to place it in their picture. I have them practice drawing cats in their sketchbooks using pictures from old calendars and then they draw their final cat on a construction paper using crayons. I do allow them to be funky, as I mention that I wouldn't think VanGogh's cat would be normal. They also glue cardboard to the back and then place these on their background. The collage turns out beautifully with the 3D element to it. Love the results.

* Original idea from School Arts Magazine

3rd Grade: Seascapes

After using a day to paint different types of papers we added textures with forks, and other objects. The next class each student chose two sheets from the "community" papers we made to create waves. The ripped the sheets to make "whitecaps" and glued them down except for the top part of the wave so that they could slide in boats, islands, and sea life behind the waves. I originally planned on watercoloring the sky, but got excited about how they were turning out I forgot!
* I got this idea from School Arts magazine

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Square One Art Due

Attention all PES parents:


*This is a change from the date printed on the order form (April 2nd). We will not be in school on April 2nd, and therefor the order forms are due earlier. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Third Grade: Clay Day

These are the terracota pots before firing. i meant to get a picture after, but I got too busy!

More Young People's Exhibit

Here is another one of my students, Charisma, whose art work was entered into the art exhibit.

Here is a group picture...First one on the left front row is Charisma, and third one from the right in the back is proud of my students!