Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Japanese Koi

I am pretty proud of myself. Normally for lesson plans I borrow from blogs, magazines, websites, etc. While koi fish are a coomon subject for artist, I feel like I had fairly original take on this project!
Students first practiced drawing the koo fish and learned about the symbolism of the fish. Then, they drew them on watercolor paper and drew 4 verticle lines top to bottom. Students then painted each vertical section with either warm or cool colors and in the next did the opposite color scheme. I LOVE THE RESULTS!
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  1. I agree the results are very nice! The warm and cool concept was a good idea. It is so rewarding when it works out even better then expected.

  2. very cool, I might have to seal this one:)

  3. My pupils visit the Japanese garden every year. They see alot of koi fish over there. This would be a lovely follow up of that visit! Thanks!

  4. These paintings are gorgeous! What grade completed these paintings?

    Kate Eshelman
    K-6 Art
    Big Rapids, MI

  5. Great results and a wonderful idea to divide the fish with lines and colour them with warm and cool colours.

  6. Beautiful work!

    I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten that I am sending you a gift for being #100 on my blog. I'm still contemplating what I want to snip for you.

    Take care. jan

  7. I see why you love the results, these look awesome. Love your idea of dividing w/ vertical lines for color separation.

  8. vaavvv hepsi harika olmuş...tebrikler...