Friday, March 26, 2010

4th grade: Vincent VanGogh's Cat Wanders into the Starry Night

My FAVORITE project ever. Students paint the sky using different shades and tones of blues (premixed) and add ripped up speckles of silver paper to emphasize the swirls or stars. Students then draw the cyprus tree on construction paper using crayons, and cut it out. They then glue cardboard to the back and then the students decide where to place it in their picture. I have them practice drawing cats in their sketchbooks using pictures from old calendars and then they draw their final cat on a construction paper using crayons. I do allow them to be funky, as I mention that I wouldn't think VanGogh's cat would be normal. They also glue cardboard to the back and then place these on their background. The collage turns out beautifully with the 3D element to it. Love the results.

* Original idea from School Arts Magazine

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