Monday, July 25, 2011

School's around the corner AND....

I STILL do not have a projector for my white board

I need a really cool project for the first day of school

my room needs to be arranged, because right now all of the tables and chairs are in one big pile in the middle of the room

I need to make a seating chart from the list of students I do not have

I need to create an application for my year book staff

I need to order supplies to get me through the first week of school, may to get me through the first month

my tables need a good scrubbing down

my cabinets need a good cleaning out

I need to bring my art books from home to put on my classroom book shelves

I need to find a better way to organize all of my art supplies

I need to create my syllabi and course pacing guide

I need to organize my lesson plans

I need to find more lesson plans

oh! but that is why I have all of you:-)

now, I can relax!


  1. Get out of my head!!!!I still have 13 days of vaca left! Ha!

  2. I need a beginning of the year lesson too! Actually, I need three.

  3. I am in the same boat! At least I got my art books to school. Funny, but my list will probably look the same at the end of NEXT summer, too!

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