Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shattered Values- Last two!

Awesome! Going to enter these into the art show!
I CAN NOT figureouthow to rotate this! But it is a really awesome one!


  1. hi.....i love the art activities u do with ur students.....i want to share somethin with u....i just love art but i dont have any formal education in arts but i m serious about learnin it now whn i am not plannin to work and choosin to stay at home with my son....i m findin it hard to u have any suggestions for me?....i knw it's a very common thing with a lot of people who studied somethin else but in their hearts art had a special place

  2. hi! I think I would start with learning the elements of design, and what they entail. Some of them you will know: color, line, texture, shape but even then, in art, there is a lot more to them ( analogous colors, complimentary colors, the mixology of colors, tactile texture, visual texture- the list goes on!) and some of the elements you will be less familiar with (ie form, space, value) these are the main parts in which you create art, and then the principles of design are more of the rules. Once you understand the elements and principles of design you can use the rules to guide you in making art or you can break the rules to make art. I am not sure what type of art you are interested in (painting, drawing, ceramics...) but start off with a good sketch book from or where you can also order all sorts of other art supplies and books to help you on your way. Which also reminds me many book stores carry many good art books that will guide you in step by step how to draw, paint, etc. I have a small one called Learn to paint and draw that I got from a local booktore that I often copy as guidlines to help my students. I don't remember the author, but really besides the cartooning ones, they are all pretty good. A few more random things I recommend is learning about perspective(element of space), practice drawing from real life, get a good set of drawing pencils, and drawing LIGHTLY. I am not sure where you live, but check local museums for adult classes. Another great web site is they have all sorts of lesson plans divided into age groups you can use for your son and you!
    Thanks for reading my blog and if you have any questions as your pursue art, please ask!