Friday, January 29, 2010

VSA Arts: All Kids Can Create Contest

I realized after yesterdays post about the Color Wheel Vases, that last year I had entered one of my student's Color Wheel Vases into this amazing contest that promotes art for all children, especially children facing disabilities. The name of the contest is "All Kids Can Create," sponsored by VSA arts and CVS. My student ended up being the chosen winner from Oklahoma and his work is now on a national exhibit and an online exhibit. If you want to check it out his painting is image 37 out of 51 and you need to click on it to see the whole picture or check it out below! The coolest part of this whole experience is, his artwork was on the first cover page of the published booklet for the exhibit, and then a slice of his painting was on each page! He also got recognized by our local newspaper:-) I also recently received a 2010 calendar, and his art work is November!


  1. Just love your blog. I was curious to know how the process - technique you used for teaching the art works of the colour wheel vases. I am an art teacher in Perth Western Australia.
    Cheers Cheryl Hancock

  2. Cheryl, I just noticed your comment! So sorry- I thought blogger would email me everytime I got a comment. For the vase project the students practice drawing a contour of different vases and glasses. They then drew them overlapping- but not too much on a 9x12. They then drew a 1.5 inch grid over the vases ( all done in pencil so far). They then traced a big circle in one of the corners of the paper. In each section of the circle the painted straight colors from the colorwheel. they could repeat if necessary. For the back ground, they ( actually I premixed them in baby food jars, and had color families at 6 tables and they rotated throughout class) added white to the colors. The didn't paint the inside the vases with these colors. Lastly, I added black to the color wheel colors ( no white) and that is what they painted inside the vases with. These colors end up being somewhat- "earthy" tones, and the kids always so grossssss! which is my favorite part:-) A warning is, this project lends it self to have a lot of kids on different steps depending on hpw fast of a painter they are. I try and keep a few baby food jars of the each value so that the students behind don't miss out on colors.

  3. Yes that would be handy if one could get a notification of all postings in our comments boxes. I will check that out as I have just finished getting my blog up and running. And would appreciate being able to be notified myself.
    Thanks for your reply it is great sharing art teaching techniques etc. I have been teaching 21 years and it is refreshing ones tired programs etc.
    Cheers From afar Cheryl