Thursday, January 28, 2010

Third Grade: 3D Line Scultpure

The element of design: Line.
I start this project by asking my third graders "How many lines do you think there are?" Usually they answer with 5, 10, 20...then I ask them to open a page to their sketchbooks and we start drawing lines. I walk them through 5, and then have them draw 15-20 more. After that we draw a bug figure eight type contour line with marke on a 18x24 sheet of paper. they then fill n each section with a pattern of lines. They then cut out the shape, and then cut the figure eight type lines until they almost fall off. After the lines are cut I help them staple their line design into a sculpture type format as shown below. Sometimes I will ask them what they would name their sculpture ( I usually encourage roller coaster type names:-))

* project idea found here.

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