Thursday, February 10, 2011

Continuous Contour Shoes

First we discussed how many different lines there are. Then I explained that a continuous contour line drawing is a single line that creates a whole image. I let hem pick something for me to draw on the boars as an example(ice cream one, dog). Then the students practiced random objects around the room- crayon, computer, flowers. I then tell them to take off their shoe and put it on thetable in front of them. Theirgoal is to draw as much detail in their shoe filling up a half sheet of paper. They can use as many sheets as they need. Once they are happy with their shoe the use a light table or window to trace their shoe 4 times. Outline with sharpie. Paint with watercolor.
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  1. What grade did you do this with? Was it done on water color paper or just like 80# paper?

  2. Great results!!
    Same question as CMae: 'What grade did you do this with!
    They really are amazing!

  3. I did these in an art I class which consists of 8th and 9th graders. And I did just use plain #80 paper. Thanks guys for the positive feedback...this has quickly move to my list of favorites!

  4. These are really cool! I love how you had your students arrange the shoes! Usually this can be a boring display and you made it Awesome and Eye-catching!

  5. These are beautiful! Such a good idea to use shoes for this!