Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cultural Self Portraits and Mystery Monet

The Mystery Monet
Mystery Monet Project was a small section of a famous Monet print that the students glued somewhere on their paper and had to finish the rest. The students really enjoyed making up their painting.

Then, we had to pick out the actually Monet print in which their piece came from and compare.  A nice way to lead into critiques. ( I would have more pictures, but forgot- these were students who were absent the day I passed back the work).

(To start the students picked their section from a box in which they couldn't see in to. They could switch it out once, but if they decided to switch, they had to keep their second pick.)
 Cultural Self-Portrait
students picked a culture to research, and turned themselves into that culture ( respectfully).

again, forgot to take pictures until they were already taken home.