Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have given up on trying to move this blog onto my new account without losing followers and my place in cyber space. I am adding my art blog to my personal blog, but don't worry I plan on continuing to post about all of my projects! You will just also get to check out all of my at home projects:-) Or you can skip over them and just read my art projects!

I am upset, but trying to be optimistic.

Please don't give up on me- check out my new blog!


  1. Switching locations can be frustrating...but as long as you place a link to where you'll be...then we'll all follow you over there!
    And I love your BLOG!

  2. Just found your blog, and thought it was so funny because I am an A. Jackson who is an art teacher too! I will check out your new blog...come see me on mine!
    Good luck on your new blog!

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