Sunday, February 6, 2011

van gogh parody

The Titanic- creative idea, not my most talented student, but he always tried his very best!
beach scene
These are left over from last semester. I had kind of forgotten about them, but they were a fun project. The students had to reinvent the Starry Night with a different scene. I had some excellent ones, and I may come across some more pics later. They are done on black construction paper with oil pastels.
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  1. Love this project! Very cute idea.

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  3. I like this idea too!
    Parodies are always fun.
    I love the titanic idea. It's often children have great ideas, but have difficulty drawing what's in their head. We have to keep encouraging them.

    I'm a new follower btw.
    I just started my own art-teacher blog :-)

  4. Love this! I remember when I was subbing once, I saw students working on images duplicating "Starry Night." This is a MUCH better idea.... rather than just trying to copy an image exactly the same way, they still learn the basic concept, are exposed to the art history, and are still using their OWN imagination.